In the last post I mentioned Daniel. Let’s think about him a little more. He had been captured by a foreign army. He had been taken from his home with the other exiles. He served His God faithfully, but He was taken away.

What I want you to see in Daniel’s life is that he is unfazed. He is the same no matter what. What he does is the same, no matter what. Jesus is unchanging, and His life in us in unchanging. We can move through life steady on our feet. 🙂

Daniel is noticed for God’s blessing on his life. He is chosen for special training. He gets an education. He gets to serve the king directly. He puts his service to his God first and refuses to eat the king’s food. He will eat as the Lord directs.

He fears God not man. That’s a big key. Man is fickle and trying to please him or reacting to him will throw you off course; you’d have to go this way or that trying to bend to whatever their desire or demand of the day is. Fearing God and not man, keeps our eyes set like flint towards Jesus, our prize.

Daniel is given position and power. He stays steady.

The laws of the land demand his death. He remains steady. He does what he always does. His feet don’t stray from the path. He does what he always has done because that’s what he was supposed to be doing. He prays. He’s arrested. He’s delivered.

No matter what legislation comes our way. No matter what your boss, your leaders, your communities, your colleagues demand, you stay the same. Your mission, your purpose, your truth will not have changed.

Whatever you were supposed to have been doing yesterday, you should have been doing it. You should probably be doing it today too. Whatever you are supposed to be doing today, you should be doing it. If you should be doing it, you probably should have been doing it yesterday. It doesn’t change. We serve God and Him alone and He is unchanging.

Don’t let anything pull you off your assignment, off your focus on Jesus. Love Him alone.