Part 3 — What Now?

3 — What Now?

Hard times are coming.  But they can also be times of immense blessing and miracles if we turn to God now and give up living our own way.

We’ve all had our easy life. We are all rich, always having the basics needed for life. But the Bible only has warnings for the rich, not blessings.[1] God in His goodness is going to take away the money from the world, from those who are relying on it instead of on God.  Depression is coming.  In Revelation it talks about needing a day’s wages just to buy bread.[2] There are many people around the world who have lived this way their whole lives.  But the Bible says, “Blessed are the poor.”[3]

In fact it also says that the poor were chosen to be full of faith and “heirs of the kingdom.”[4] So be thankful and rejoice when the money disappears.  Don’t let it be an opportunity for fear. Let it be an opportunity where you can learn to rely on God instead of yourself to meet your needs.

We have a Bible promise that He will meet our needs.[5] God has miraculously put money in our bank and cold milk in our fridge.  He put needed diapers in a friend’s cupboard and apples outside her front door at just the needful time. He fed the Israelites with manna for forty years[6] and He has plenty of everything to go around.

The disciples followed Jesus around for three and a half years.  They didn’t pack for the trip.[7] They didn’t work to earn money.  But they had all they needed (and enough to feed thousands beside.)[8] Their families at home were provided for.

God may be providing for your family through a job, but remember it’s the Lord providing. Then, if the job ever goes away, you can know that your provision hasn’t disappeared. 

Paul was always provided for.  Sometimes it came from other believers.  He thanks the church in Philippi for sending him gifts, but he basically says the profit in it is theirs.[9] The Bible says, It is more blessed to give than to receive.[10] In God’s economy you have more when you give and less when you hold onto your money and things. God provides for us as we provide for others.  Give and it will be given back to you.[11] And we are to ask our Father for what we need and He will give us good gifts.[12] And we are to not worry about what we will eat or wear because He knows we need these things.[13]

God wants to get rid of our love of money.  Money does not make the world go round.  But the love of money is the root of so much evil.[14] He wants to get rid of our self-indulgence.  You may feel you are giving to God, but when you give money to your church in order to pay for heating and cooling and comfy seats and fancy light fixtures and entertainment for yourselves and your children, you are just giving to yourself without realizing it.

If you live in such a way that you don’t rely on money, but on God, then it doesn’t matter if you have money or not. Now is the time to decide that your money belongs to God to do with what He will, all of it. If you don’t consider it yours, then you won’t be trying to hold onto it. Then you will give generously and can even have excitement if the money dries up, instead of being afraid. Become a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Jesus said, “No one can be my disciple except that he give up all of his possessions.”[17] He wasn’t lying, though it’s really about giving it up in your heart, be ready and willing to leave anything behind for Christ’s sake. 

Ask God for the faith to trust Him to provide all your needs.  We need not fear.   Many calamities are coming, but they are not going to harm the righteous, those that love God.[18]

If you love God, then you obey His commandments.[19] Are you obedient?  Are you righteous?  Are you dwelling in the secret place?  When we are saved, the Holy Spirit dwells in us with the goal of producing the life of Christ in us.  The righteousness of Christ is supposed to be seen in our lives.  We’re supposed to become more and more like Him every day.[20]

There is a narrow path that leads to salvation—eternity with the Father.[21] Jesus leads us on the path.  We have to follow Him.  “He leads me on the path of righteousness.”[22] He leads us into righteousness.  We must walk in righteousness if we want the end of that Scripture to be true: “…and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”[23]

We can’t do what’s right, or live righteously, by our own sheer will power.  But we must choose righteousness.  We make the right choice.  We start to take the first step, but it’s the Spirit in us that makes it possible.[24]

We have to decide to live in obedience — to live for the Father and not for ourselves.  We have to die to self.[25] It is the opposite of what much of the church has been teaching.  We are often told God wants us to be rich and to have our “best life now.”  No, God wants us dead!  We can’t have true life until our old life is gone.  Dying to self is the only way to live for God.  We have to make the choice a hundred times a day to choose what God wants instead of what we want.[26]

What does that mean?  Turn off the television; read your Bible.  Get out of bed; pray.  Don’t buy that coffee/chocolate/snacks…; buy dinner for someone in need. These are just examples. You and the Lord can work in your heart to see where self is getting in the way of selfless love. And ultimately, be ready to refuse the mark and give up your life and die physically in order to live for Him.

Don’t be fooled.  It does not matter how many little salvation prayers you have prayed.  You cannot take the mark and live in heaven.[27] You cannot deny Christ and be accepted by the Father.[28] Read the Scriptures with your eyes open and see the truth.  Choose today whom you will serve.

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[28] Matthew 10:33  “But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.”