Are You Ready to Walk Away?

Peter and Andrew and James and Johns were two sets of brothers who worked as partners in a fishing business. They fished at night because that’s when fishing is best. They weren’t fishing for pleasure. This was their job. This was how they fed and provided for their families. And that’s why they didn’t give up all night when they hadn’t caught any fish. When dawn came, they kept on fishing. Their families needed to eat. How else could they take care of their families if they didn’t catch fish? When the sun was up, they kept on fishing. They finally packed it in as the shores filled with people. They were washing their nets and listening to Jesus teach the crowds on the shore.

When he’s finished teaching, Jesus tells Peter to go out into the deep water and let down their nets. They obey, but they think it’s futile. They pull so many fish into the boat it’s almost sinking. James and John need to help them out. It’s the biggest payload they’ve ever had. But Peter recognizes the presence of God and fears being in Jesus’ presence because he is a “sinful man.” On shore they leave the fish in the boats, worth maybe more money than they had ever seen at one time, and they walk away, away from trying to provide for themselves. In a instant of realizing who Jesus was they were prepared to leave it behind and trust.

They don’t always understand that provision, but they get to experience God’s supernatural provision again and again. Are you ready to walk away from your means of providing for yourself if it means obeying and following Jesus?