God Provides, cont.

I started another post with Scriptures on God’s provision, but let’s first continue with examples of God’s provision for God’s people. We’ll skip the long list of amazing provisions the prophets received of food and lodging, safety, the waters parting, and supernatural strength and go to the New Testament this time. By the way, I’m not doing this trying to pick examples to make a certain point; I’m just making observations.


NEED: guidance — first to marry Mary, then to escape Herod

PROVISION: dreams  (Matthew 1:20, 2:13)

REQUIREMENT: We know that he was chosen by God and a righteous man.


The people of Israel with every kind of sickness and disease and pain, as well as demoniacs, epileptics, paralytics and the blind, deaf and mute, and also a couple of dead people

NEED: healing, deliverance, resurrection

PROVISION: healing, deliverance, resurrection  (Matthew 4:24, Luke 7:14-15 and many other places)

REQUIREMENT: having a need (we are often told Jesus was moved by compassion), seeking help from Jesus (but not all came and asked for help), and being an Israelite, meaning God’s chosen


Centurion and the Mother of the Demon Possessed Girl

NEED: healing, deliverance

PROVISION: healing, deliverance (Luke 7:9-10, Matthew 15:28)

REQUIREMENT: faith — They both had great faith. They were both Gentiles.


Those Following Jesus Listening to His Teaching

NEED: food (seems they had been three days without food)

PROVISION: bread and fish (Matthew 15:37)

REQUIREMENT: Having a need, Jesus was moved by compassion



NEED: to pay his taxes

PROVISION: money  (Matthew 17:27)

REQUIREMENT: the faith to obey Jesus’ command to cast a fishing hook into the sea and to look in the mouth of the first fish he pulled up


New Believers (Acts 2 and also in 4)

NEED: need (“as anyone might have need”)

PROVISION: needs were met by other believers who were supernaturally moved to sell their possessions to meet the needs of others (Acts 2:45)

REQUIREMENT: having a need and being a part of the close community of believers


The World

NEED: Savior


REQUIREMENT: He met the need while we were sinners and didn’t deserve saving, but we receive salvation by faith.